Road transportation remains the most popular, regardless of market conditions. The high demand for road transportation is caused by many factors.


We handle complex logistics, offering sea/river vessel, railway, and truck deliveries of liquid and dry bulk commodities in the most efficient and competitive way. Storage capacities and in-house blending operations are being managed globally.


Trucks can promptly deliver goods 24 hours a day, regardless of port, train station, and airport operating hours. Trucks can follow flexible transport routes, because of the well-developed World Road Infrastructure.

This type of transportation minimizes transportation costs, through the efficient use of vehicle or container space, and ensures the safety of the goods transported.



Offerings include, but are not limited to, such services as:

Chartering of ships

Brokerage services for ship owners

Delivery of cargo to the port (including related internal procedures)

Delivery of cargoes from ports by road transport

Delivery of cargo from ports by rail

Container handling in ports

Ensuring compliance with transshipment conditions

Delivery of cargoes from ports by road transport



Often rail transport is the only optimal way to deliver cargo. One of the disadvantages of rail transport can be considered to be its rigid attachment to a specific route along which the railways are laid.

Given the specific nature of the cargo, this spatial limitation can be a key argument against the use of rail transport. But not for our specialists.


«B&B Group» will help to prepare all documents, permits and certificates required for customs clearance prior to the formation and shipment of cargo. As part of our comprehensive service, we provide customs clearance services worldwide.

To meet your expectations, Orion provides a full range of customs services including:

issue of consignment notes, and export declarations EX1
filing of T1 and T2 transit declarations,
as well as the issuance of certificates.