Since inception it is our vision is to establish an international commodity trading firm, offering the best service, attracting the best talent in the industry and maintaining exemplary corporate governance.

About us

Founded in 2017 in Dubai, today B&B Group has grown into an avant-garde commodity trading house operating company. B&B Group is specialized in the trading of the full range of Petroleum products, Petrochemicals, Fertilizers, and Agricultural commodities.

Our expertise in physical and paper markets accompanied with well-managed logistics enables B&B Group to safely and responsively meet the world’s growing demand for commodities and serve our counterparties around the globe.


Our mission is to design, create, implement innovative and sustainable products that help our customers meet consumer and industrial needs.


B&B GROUP is striving to provide its clients with high-quality services, strictly controlling the process of work on the order, satisfying all customer requests. We identify and use every opportunity to improve our work, thanks to customer feedback. A thorough understanding of our Clients requirements, allows us to provide the requested services efficiently, professionally and quickly.

Our Clients

Our Activities

B&B GROUP is an energy and commodities trading company, focused on the sourcing, supply and distribution of Crude Oil, refined oil products as well as agricultural products like Fertilizer.

The physical aspect of our activities is the main driver of our business model. This we secure by applying high standards of HSSE rules and policies internally and with our partners.

With our specific expertise and positioning in the logistics (transport and terminals) of our core regions we are satisfying the needs of our clients by applying high level of efficiency and reliability.

Our services to our clients are enhanced by pre-financing schemes to producer and refineries as well as financing of inventories or strategic reserves in our downstream activities.

The high volatility of the international derivative markets requires a continuous risk-management which we also offer to our clients to help them to secure their bottom-line success of their business activities.

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